Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dam Right

We arrived here at Kinchant Waters caravan park at Kinchant Dam early yesterday afternoon. Thanks to Anne Collins info yet again, I had hoped to see Cotton Pygmy-geese here and we did! Life bird before we even parked Matilda. I am grateful.
Cotton Pygmy-geese 

Here are a few photos from this lovely spot. Perhaps on the way back down, we will spend another day or two here. It is my (our) kind of place… incredible views, water, palms, tons of birds and even a tavern with decent food and wondrously rustic ambiance. It is a very special place, even if the amenities block is a tad woebegone. I am grateful.

Plumed Whistling-ducks
Plumed Whistling-ducks and Magpie Geese and Coots and a Pacific Black Duck 
Plumed Whistling-ducks 
Latham's Snipe right down in front of Matilda

Lynn took my photo.
The taps are a study in patina... beautiful in a weird way.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.


  1. Love the shot of the Latham's Snipe. I have photographed these a number of times but mostly when they are in flight, your shot is a beauty. Oh and I like the character of the taps.

    1. The Snipe was just down from where Matilda was camped... what a view (and the patina on the taps we lovely in its way). And... we got the Honeyeater today!! Talk soon.


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